7/12/22 – KY 3 Well Drilling Program

7/12/22 – KY 3 Well Drilling Program

Operator to drill 3 vertical wells to the New Albany Shale (IL Basin) and other units to test shallow vertical depths (less than 5,000’)

Shale is NATURALLY FRACTURED…estimated 3-4 stage fracking upon good test

Operator has drilled many successful target zone wells on nearly adjacent leases for past 3 years

Estimated payout around 6 months on projected drilling and completion schedule

Projected 150 MBOE in Shale zone alone

Estimated +5:1 ROI over well lifetime

Operator has 95% success rate drilling in the area

$47,112 per 2% WI @ 80%NRI for all wells

$25k for 1%WI