And the Winner is: USA!

And the Winner is: USA!

The US has become the strongest player on the world oil market.

The biggest reasons for this declaration are due to improvements in completion technology (fracking shale) helping to release more reserves, lifting of the crude oil export ban in 2015, the SURPRISING fiscal responsibility of large producers after the 2014 crash, and the fall or distaste of oil-producing countries’ product due to their corruption.

The US has been the largest producer of oil for the past 2 months and its companies deliver on product promised. This has helped maintain a stable hydrocarbon global economic environment for those who “play nice”.

So, what’s does this mean to upstream investors like yourself?

It means that we can anticipate oil prices to stay relatively stable as well as expenses for drilling, testing, and completion for the foreseeable future. In this market, you will see very few “fire sales” and price gouging will be kept at minimum unless you’re selling over 1000 bopd leases. Some predictable circumstances for seasonal oil price fluctuation or increased field costs are delayed pipeline development in West Texas, weather (Texas had it’s rainiest October ever, halting almost all field activities in areas), and labor shortages.

Being stable is being happy…and allows everyone to sleep peacefully. If you want this feeling from your investments, check out our opportunities page.

John Mink