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We suggest you call us first so that we may understand your investment criteria and steer you in the right direction. There can be a lot to take in and we want to make sure you comfortable in basic knowledge and realistic expectations.

Not necessarily. However, we have every new investor fill out and return an investor questionnaire, regardless if the operator requires one or not. We want to make sure you are “qualified” to conduct any specific working interest purchase as it helps protect all parties.

Every deal can have a unique set of risk, but the 2 largest ones are:
1. A drilled or re-entered well is simply not economical to produce in any formation after testing
2. A drilled or re-entered well fails during completion efforts.

We recommend that it is best to call us to discuss the risks to any specific program or lease purchase you are considering.

Here’s more detailed information about risks and risk mitigation: CLICK HERE

Working interest is a percentage of any program that includes operational expenses, and acts much like net profit. If you heard of Royalty interest, that means your “share” is like gross profit.

Here’s more detailed information about what interest means: CLICK HERE

Once your investment is producing net profit, you will be paid within 25-45 days of production pickup. For instance: if your wells produced and picked up in January, you would receive a check in late February/early March. Most checks are mailed but there are direct deposit options. You will be either paid by the operator or the oil and gas contractor.

We believe communication is key, whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. We conduct relationships with entities who understand this. Most communication will come directly from the operator but sometimes through us as operators are frequently in the field and are on tight schedules.

Acronyms in Oil & Gas

6 Reasons to Invest in Oil & Gas


Distinctive Investment Vehicle

You are investing in specific opportunities created by small oil and gas operators in the US versus buying stock in large cap oil companies with relatively large administrative overheads.


Aggressive (and typical) ROI

Direct oil and gas investment can and typically pay out faster and have better short term ROI than real estate and public stocks in steady market conditions. We market programs that project to pay out no more than 18 months once fully operational with ROIs from 3 to 7x in as little as 5 years.


Possible Tax Benefits to Investors

You may have the ability to write off much of the intangible drilling costs on new drilling ventures in the first year and tangible drilling costs over 7 years, regardless if the well is producing or found to be “dry”. Click here to learn more.


Direct Communication with Operators

You will have the ability to directly communicate with the operator or even set up site visits!



It can add diversity and protection to your financial plan from market dynamics and inflation. Most of our clients own interests in multiple wells in different geographical areas.


Passive Income

On producing assets, you will receive up to monthly checks with statements.

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