Settling In…Kinda

Settling In…Kinda

If you missed it, I’m in the process of moving permanently from Alaska to Ft. Worth. Not to bore you with all the details of the personal stuff, but it’s been mostly 5 hours a sleep a day followed by looking for real estate, setting up new parts of the biz, and car maintenance. BTW there are no vehicles to rent nor new ones to buy in TX, so my high-mileage vehicle will roll on…

Site Visits:

Tomorrow and Saturday: I’ll be visiting/filming KE 1215 – Liberty County Rework tomorrow and Saturday to check field progress on the first re-entry well and the electrical. There’s 15%WI remaining in this program, so if you want in, now’s the time! This was profitable at $45 oil!

Monday and Tuesday: Trip to Graham TX to visit gas leases that Amen Oil is selling (KE 1217) and recon other to purchase in order to flip. We’ve had a few parties do site visits on our current holdings. I’ll be visiting our KY & KS leases in the next 2 weeks to observe field. No rest when there’s $100 oil…

What’s Left?

We’re down to 1 lease and 1 working interest program for consideration. I’m waiting on revised AFEs from 2 programs, and points to be available in Phase 4 of the KY we promoted last year to ones who have first right of refusal. You guessed it, Phase 1-3 are doing great overall! Want more info? I’ll put you on the list.

Want to meet?

If you’re within a 100 mile radius of Ft. Worth, I’m around to grab a bite or a beverage (preferably coffee or tequila) after Wednesday next week! I’ve only had a few clients visit me in Alaska. Once the Road Warrior settles in here, it’s “business trips” to Alaska for next summer!